BT’s new Smart Hub makes garden WiFi 12x faster

Bt smart hub londonBt smart hub london

Until recently those customers on BT’s Infinity fibre broadband received the capable BT Home Hub 5 as their home router. This has now been upgraded to the BT Smart Hub.

Whilst this new hub won’t make your internet connection any faster, it does offer much more reliable WiFi with extended coverage due to the large antenna array it holds. This is particularly important for London broadband users as this coverage should improve speeds at the hard to reach areas of your property.

Tested in a house in Wimbledon, South London we were particularly interested in coverage in the garden of a typical London townhouse. With BT’s top Infinity broadband offering up to 78mb down the copper phone line, the test device was a Samsung Galaxy S7.

Using the BT Home Hub 5 in the garden the phone was at the end of WiFi coverage.

A speed test offered 4.03Mb download with 1.9Mb upload.

BT Infinity Home Hub 5 Speed Test in London

BT Infinity Home Hub 5 Speed Test in London

By switching the old hub out for the new Smart Hub, a speed test in the same spot offered 51.29Mbs download and 18.89Mbs upload.

BT Infinity Smart Hub Speed Test in London

BT Infinity Smart Hub Speed Test in London

Indoor coverage where WiFi coverage was already good did not change significantly. However, the speed gains at the edge of WiFi coverage was significantly improved.

New Infinity customers will be given the Smart Hub by default; if you are an existing subscriber you can upgrade to the new hub by committing to an 18 month broadband contract with BT.

More details on the Smart Hub can be found at this direct link.

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