BT Mobile updates pricing with double data

BT update Sim only data pricingBT update Sim only data pricing

London, United Kingdom

BT have today made changes to the pricing of their Sim Only 4G mobile plans.  BT Mobile runs on EE’s robust 4G+ network, so those data hungry users will get the full spectrum offered by BT (see details of this here).

Of interest for London users is that, with the latest pricing, for just £10 per month you can access 4GB on data running on EE via BT Mobile with unlimited minutes (direct link here)!  If you are not using BT Broaband at home then this plan comes in at £15. However, given that this deal even gives you a £60 Amazon reward card BT are pushing hard to make this a very appealing plan.

BT are winning big at the moment, particularly with London based customers, because with packages like this integrated with access to BT Wifi hotspots that comes bundled with home BT Broadband, those data hungry users rarely find a not-spot.  EE has excellent data coverage in London (see this report for the hard numbers), and BT Wifi coverage is all over London (see the details on BT here).

BT offer other packages to chose from, details of which can be found at on their site.


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