London Mobile Network Performance: O2 tops voice, EE tops data, Vodafone best balance

London Voice and Data PerformanceLondon Voice and Data Performance

P3 Communications today announced the results of their UK mobile network performance study.  This study focused on both data and voice call performance.

The report carried out tests in multiple sites across the UK, with the leaders at the national level being EE and Vodafone.  EE performed best across when data throughput was assessed, Vodafone performed best when voice calls were assessed.

“Our tests are good news for the UK’s mobile customers, because for the first time three networks are in our ‘good’ category, even though this year’s tests were the toughest yet,” says Hakan Ekmen, CEO P3 communications GmbH. “It is gratifying that over the three years we have been testing we can see substantial improvements in the overall quality of service, which is a clear indication of how our benchmarks are helping to drive improvements in the networks.”

The only network at a national level that did not receive good performance was O2.

London, however, is what we’re interested in and the picture is somewhat different here.  The report notes that all four networks have improved their performance across London.

London Voice and Data Performance

London Voice and Data Performance

If you focus on voice call quality in London the O2 is actually your best bet as they came out top in the voice category:

“O2 offers best London voice service In the drive tests and walk tests measuring voice services, O2 scores best and takes a lead over a second ranking Vodafone. EE and Three share the third spot in this discipline.”

As per the national statistics, if data throughput is of most importance to you then look to EE (see their plans here):

“EE number one in data In the London-based data tests, EE reclaims the top position that it already earned in the nationwide data category. Vodafone follows closely, just five points behind.”

If you want a balance of the two then look to Vodafone:

“Overall London champion: Vodafone Combining the voice and data results achieved in London, Vodafone comes out 5 points ahead of EE in this discipline, due to a good performance in both categories.”

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