Sky beats Virgin Media in London for fastest internet connection in hard numbers

Fastest broadband in LondonFastest broadband in London

Sky beats Virgin Media to the post in London with 301.32Mbp broadband connection.

Speedtest, the application by Ookla for testing the real speed of your broadband connection, have recently released statistics for the performance of all major Internet Service Providers across the UK.  The metrics are generated using millions of data points from testers across the UK.  They are important because advertisers have recently come under pressure for false or misleading advertising when it comes to broadband speeds.

The report gives numbers for the whole of the UK, but here we want to distil down the numbers for London in particular, and there is a spectacular finding.  Whilst nationally, Virgin Media gives the fastest broadband (which is to be expected given their Vivid broadband package based on the fast DOCSIS 3 technology – see an explanation of this here), in London they are beaten to the post by Sky.  In London, Virgin Media averaged a very impressive 160.78Mbs download – however this was beaten by Sky’s 301.32Mbs download speed.  In addition to this, the upstream speed is even faster at 516.29Mbs compared with Virgin’s (still very impressive) 59.88Mbs.

Provider Download Speed Upload Speed Link
Sky 301.32 516.29 Check availability here
Virgin Media 160.78 59.88 Check availability here
Zen Internet 73.99 18.88 Check availability here
BT 71.45 25.16 Check availability here
PlusNet 57.49 18.44 Check availability here
TalkTalk 52.14 18.74 Check availability here
EE 44.07 27.21 Check availability here
3 32.42 18.94 Check availability here

These are real, hard numbers reported by users with their own devices.  This is faster than can be achieved with current VDSL2 technology (the most common implementation of ‘fibre’ broadband in the UK).  This therefore begs the question of what technology Sky are using to deliver these amazing speeds.  The only way this could be delivered is by either using the cable technology that Virgin Media uses, however they do not license out access to their network, or Fibre to the Premises (FTTP).  Technically this suggest that these stats must have been achieved by FTTP and Sky has a very public network offering speeds up to 940Mbs in York.

Sky has some fibre of its own, and some FTTP partnerships with providers such as GTC.  However, there is little public information on a wide scale London deployment, so it is not entirely clear how metrics of this scale have been reported.

Still, it is worth checking your area with Sky to determine if you can pick up one of these super fast connections.

Check your availability with Sky here.

The source for all data in this article is from Speedtest and Ookla.

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