FreedomPop – Revolutionizing mobile service for free in the UK

There are two types of mobile users; heavy mobile phone users and light mobile phone users. No matter in which category you fit, you may find yourself overpaying. Either way, you could be wasting valuable money on text messages, megabytes and voice messages which are of no use for you.

Nowadays, mobile phones are an important part of everyone’s lives and one cannot imagine life without them. But to make sure that you are not paying extra money or your important data doesn’t dissipate, there is one option which can be proffered to everyone. A service which involves no gimmicks or hidden charges, covers up 97% population of the UK and provides the internet service at the highest speed possible is provided by FreedomPop since 2015.

This free mobile service began in 2011 in the USA and last year, it started its worldwide strategy. Free mobile service basically means you don’t have to go through any long contracts, harsh commitments and you get a chance to cancel the service anytime. The objective of FreedomPop is to provide the basic levels of mobile service which everyone deserves. The packages provided by them are for both types of users, heavy as well as light. All you need is to sign up and pay absolutely nothing for texts, calls, and even internet.

What sets FreedomPop apart from the others in the market is the chance to roll almost 500MB unused data to the next month. This is not free but it doesn’t cost much and all your unused data won’t go wasted. What’s more, you get to share the data with your family and friends if they’re also on FreedomPop.

The barebones tariff may sound too good to be realistic, but its basic plan allows you to enjoy free 200 texts, 200 minutes and 200MB of 4G for life. It’s totally a data driven affair, valuing the customer’s needs and providing high-quality free mobile service. Being the cheapest mobile tariff in the UK, this freemium mobile network helps the residents of the UK to save more money while using mobile phone service according to their needs.

If you want to upgrade from FreedomPop’s standard package then all you have to do is to pay a small cost and get the exact package you want.

FreedomPop app is readily available for all mobile phones, whether it’s an iOS or an android, smartphone or a tablet. All you have to do is pay for the activation of your sim, postage and you can avail this amazing service for life.

If you’re tired of searching for signals to connect to Wi-Fi or making sure you have credit to make the call, then FreedomPop is the one for you. For any more information about the amazing features of FreedomPop, visit FreedomPop’s UK website. It’s the best option for the UK residents and something great to look forward to.

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