John Lewis Broadband scrap line rental charges

In an industry that is often criticised for confusing, and potentially misleading advertising John Lewis have joined the trend started by Vodafone to offer one simple price for your home broadband that includes rental of the phone line.

This trend came about because most home broadband requires a phone line to be purchased on top of the broadband fee, whether or not you’ll be using a phone on it (the exception to this being Virgin Media broadband and Relish who both use different technologies).

One can also see how a policy of transparency and honesty is on brand for John Lewis, being a household name that is trusted across generations.

This new move now means that their broadband pricing has:

  • no upfront fees for things like the router, activations, etc
  • UK based customer service
  • 12 month contract (not like some of the more onerous 18 and 24 month contract out there)
  • free email address

There are now three pricing bands based on the speed of the line, equating to low, medium and high:

  • Up to 17mb – £22.50 per month (standard ADSL2 broadband)
  • Up to 38mb – £32.50 per month (fibre broadband)
  • Up to 76mb – £36.50 per month (faster fibre broadband)

That is it to the pricing, no line rental on top.  Check out John Lewis broadband here.


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