Samsung’s next gadgets: the S8 and Note 8 to introduce Foldable Screens and much more!

Samsung’s next gadgets: the S8 and Note 8 to introduce Foldable Screens and much more!Samsung’s next gadgets: the S8 and Note 8 to introduce Foldable Screens and much more!

After the terrible disappointment brought by Galaxy Note 7 this year, Samsung has examined the flaws and strived to make the S8 and Note 8 a hit. One of the most awaited features, for example, foldable screens should help customers overlook the Note 7.
Samsung has followed a “two-track” approach for its next flagship device. The company is supposed to present dual-screen mobile phones that are front and back, and another feature: a folding screen.

Release Date

Samsung, working as per its usual cycle, will release its gadgets in late February or early March, however; some expect that a January release is possible because of the organisation’s thirst to remove the Note 7 as fast as could reasonably be possible.

Be that as it may, a few people additionally think that Samsung has taken in its lessons and will set aside its opportunity to completely test the device before making it available to the general public. All things considered, Samsung has not disclosed its release date yet!


Some of the numerous distinctive features of Galaxy S8 and Note 8 have been rumoured since so long and here we are going to unveil some of the amazing features:

Flexible screens:
“Samsung will at last disclose the foldable, easygoing innovation it has had in its store for a few years”, Korean tech site ET News quoted sources near the organisation. A model of this innovation was initially uncovered at an expo in 2008.The Korean press apparently trusts that it will at last advance into the Galaxy portfolio this year through Note 8.

As per the Korean production, there will be two models of the Galaxy Note 8 including adaptable properties. The first one based around a bendable OLED screen, and the second to some degree taking after a tablet PC. This second model will include screens on both the front and back of the device.

Samsung effectively licensed, foldable screens, so reports that it would present the innovation in 2017 cell phones appear to be incredible.

No Home Button:
Once more, Samsung is reacting to market drifts in considering this plan choice, as it is normal that Apple will take out the home button in the iPhone in inevitable times.

It is anticipated that Samsung will abandon the home button for the Galaxy Note 8, rather replacing it with a touch operation. This could bring about a larger display being incorporated into the phablet, while Samsung could likewise consider decreasing the general size of the device.

Dual-lens camera and intense internals:
Samsung ordinarily makes two adaptation of its flagship, one controlled by Qualcomm processors and the other pressed with in-house Exynos chips. In 2017, the Qualcomm versions of the cell phones will pack the Snapdragon 835, while the others should to include Exynos 8895 processors.

Both may have a base of 4 GB of RAM, possibly with higher-end 6 GB of RAM forms too.

Reports have been opposing with regards to double focal point cameras for the cutting edge Samsung Galaxy leads. Some expect both the Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S8 to wear double back cameras; others report that Samsung has given up such plans since it would prompt to far higher assembling costs.

Expel Headphone Jack:
It has been anticipated that Samsung will probably depend on USB Type-C innovation for sound playback on its Galaxy S8 and Note 8. It is rumoured that Samsung has taken this step after the choice of Apple to do this with the iPhone range.

4K Resolutions on Samsung Smartphone:
This is turning definitely a standard part of innovation, and the Korean producer has been connected with delivering a 4K portable. It additionally appears to be likely that either the Galaxy Note 8 or the Galaxy S8 will make a big appearance on the 4K roadmap for Samsung.
Virtual reality tie-ins are additionally possible, as Samsung hopes to get back on a steady balance with big releases one year from now.

Edge Versions:
Samsung is thinking about two models of the Galaxy S8 for 2017, with early indicators indicating separate 5.1-inch and 5.5-inch models. Likewise, there will likely be an Edge version of the Galaxy S8.

With the Galaxy Gear S3 smartwatch similarly now accessible, it is normal that there will be some cooperation with the Galaxy S8 too.

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