Pro Tip: Get your cellular iPad online for free

Ok, so you were browsing the Apple Store and saw that the iPad had a cellular option. Great you though, I’ll be able to get online anywhere I like.

You bought it, got it home and set it all up. Then you saw the price of the cellular data plan and thought.. hey, I don’t need to be online everywhere that much! So now you just use your cellular iPad over WiFi.

You need FreedomPop. It is genuinely free every month.. you pay nothing and they give you free data. Not lots, but enough to catch up with your email, news and chat whilst on the road. If you want to use more, then you can pay a quite competitive rate to get more.. but you don’t have to.

FreedomPop will charge you 99 cents (or pence in the UK) for the SIM card and that’s it. You may want to keep tabs on the auto top up feature, some people like it others don’t.

You can order your SIM now from your phone. Readers in the USA follow this link, readers in the UK follow this link. For 99 cents why not get your tablet online?

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James Harley
James lives in London and is a keen author in the consumer telecommunications space. He always has a keen eye on the latest news, offers and deals available to broadband users.

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