How to set no-internet time for your children on a Plusnet broadband router

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We can’t fight that the internet is part of our lives.  It’s hard to disentangle ourselves, let alone our children, from our online lives.

However, you may wish to set some no-internet time for your children and your router probably has a function to enforce this.  We’re using the example of a PlusNet fibre broadband router (specifically the PlusNet Hub One router), but the process should be similar on most home routers (and identical on the BT Home Hub 5).

With PlusNet’s Access Control function you can specify certain times to block internet access for devices on your home network.  You could pick, for example, your teenager’s laptop or tablet.

To do this:

  1. Whilst connected to your PlusNet wifi network, open your web browser (such as Google Chrome) and navigate to the IP address of your router.  For PlusNet customers this is
  2. You should be presented with a PlusNet branded screen.  This is the configuration interface of your router.  It’ll look something like this:
    1. PlusNet Hub One Manager by

      PlusNet Hub One Manager by

  3. On the top menu click on ‘Settings’ (you may need to enter your admin password which can be found on the back of your router) and go to ‘Plusnet Access Control’.
  4. You will now be on the page where you configure the access restrictions.  First enable the controls by selecting ‘Yes’ on the ‘Access control feature enable’ setting.  Then, select from the dropdown menu the device you wish to block and the hours which is should be offline for.  Hit ‘Add’ then finally ‘Apply’ and you’re all set.
    1. Plusnet Access Controls by

      Plusnet Access Controls by



If you’d like to know more about the types of web connection available to you, check out our broadband explainer section here.

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