How to deal with mobile signal blackspots on Three

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There are a few ways to get voice calls and texts with Three when you are outside of a signal area. There could be many reasons for low or no signal, the most obvious being no coverage in a rural area. However, even urban dwellers in areas such as London suffer from no signal when inside large buildings or in basements.

Three does not operate a 2G network only 3G and 4G so this fall back for voice is not available. Most of the time this is not an issue as the 3G network operated by Three is very good, sometimes however you need another option.

Three give you two options to get connected. The first is to use their InTouch app which is compatible with most Android and iOS devices. By using this app you select you home WiFi network as an InTouch enabled network. When connected to it voice calls and text messages are handled via the app and can take place with no mobile signal.

Sometimes you can’t use the app. For example this is the case if you have a dual SIM phone or an incompatible device. In this instance Three will supply you with a Home Signal box. Technically this is a femtocell device; it connects to your home broadband router via ethernet and then broadcasts a local 3G network (make sure you have good home broadband). Your phone will connect to this and all calls and texts operate as usual over it. If your phone is 3G compatible (which it must be to run on Three) then it will work.

Three Home Signal Ethernet Connector by

Three Home Signal Ethernet Connector by

You need to phone Three and explain why you need a Home Signal box – they won’t just give you one as the InTouch app is the first port of call. The box is tied to your account, so don’t try buying one second hand online either as it won’t work with your phone.

Once you have the box and you’ve plugged it in to your router you need to call Three to activate it. You can then add your numbers and the numbers of any family and friends that are on Three and you want to have access to the booster box.

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