How to wirelessly charge your Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S7 Wireless ChargingSamsung Galaxy S7 Wireless Charging

The Samsung Galaxy S7, and its Edge varient, are some of the best selling Android smartphones of 2016.  This is for good reason too, Samsung have built a solid smartphone with fantastic specifications paired with an impressive Android skin.

One of the lesser known features of the S7 is its built in support for wireless charging, enabling you simply place your phone on a charging mat to charge without plugging it in.

This method of charging is all about convenience.  Rather than fiddling around with cables that you’ve lost down the back if your desk, just pop the phone on the mat and it’ll start charging.

The S7 comes with built in support for the Qi charging protocol.  This is a cross manufacturer standard of wireless charging that means that, in theory, any Qi charge mat will work with any Qi phone.

We’ve stuck with Samsung’s own charger here and it works brilliantly.  The latest iteration of the device sits the phone more upright so that, when it is on your desk, you can see all you notifications pop up without taking the phone off the charger.

The device doesn’t look out of place on a desk or side table (although it’s likely that nobody will know what it is) and features a single USB socket (the same as the phone) that you plug into your normal charge cable.

That’s really it.  Once you place your phone on the charger it will recognise the wireless capability and start charging.  A message will pop up on the screen telling you that wireless charging is taking place.

The Samsung charger supports Samsung’s Fast Charging and can be picked up on Amazon USA for $48 (see here) or Amazon UK for £29.95 (see here).

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