Xiaomi announces smart Mi Router HD and new version of the Mi Mix phone

Xiaomi launch Smart RouterXiaomi launch Smart Router

One of the most exciting announcements to come out of CES 2017 was that Xiaomi are launching a new version of their smartphone, as well as their very own “smarter” router.

Yesterday the innovative Chinese electronics company unveiled a whole range of new devices, including their famed smartphone in a new colour alongside a powerful new router.

Despite only being available in China and India, the company’s first Mi Mix mobile was hailed as one of the best smartphones on the market after its release back in October. Despite this, it is still possible to import them into the UK.

Previously the 6.4 inch device was only available in black, but the white ceramic version was unveiled at the annual CES trade show in Las Vegas.

But the announcement was about more than just a smartphone. Xiaomi also announced several new products that will all be connected together using a special router: the Mi Router HD.

Xiaomi want it to be smarter than the average router, providing connectivity at home or in the office and maintaining the electronic devices within it. Two of the examples given were the Mi Router HD’s ability to automatically sync with user’s Dropbox folders and the power to link it with Sonos audio systems. Xiaomi say they plan to add more features in future.

With impressive specs, it looks set to provide a lot more than the average router: 2600 Mbps 802.11ac WiFi, 4×4 Mu-MIMO, a Qualcomm IPQ8064 network processor, 8TB surveillance hard drive, 4 high-gain PCB array antennae and finally an aluminium alloy housing.

Much of the fanfare surrounding their CES 2017 announcement was also focussed on their “very thin” modular Mi TV 4. At the event, Xiaomi’s Vice President of International Hugo Barra claimed: “Mi TV 4 is the thinnest TV yet, measuring 4.9 millimetres, practically disappearing when viewed from a flat angle.”

The TV will launch later this year in China for “well under £1600”, while the Mi Router HD will come in two sizes: $162 for the 1TB hard drive and around £400 for the larger 8TB.

Don’t get too excited about a release for any of the products in the UK or in the US any time soon. VP Hugo Barra recently told CNET: “We don’t have any specific plans that we’re comfortable with yet”. This effectively shut down previous rumours that their devices would become available on our shores later in 2017. But if you’re desperate to try out the Mi Mix, there is still a way.

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