EE gains approval to expand their 4G network

4G in London4G in London

BT owned EE has have been allowed two alter two licences issued by the telecoms regulator Ofcom.  Following a twenty five week consultation period, and to help the company honour a Home Office company, the licence variations will help EE do two things which are good for Londoners:

  • Bring better mobile communications for emergency services
  • Provide a solid 4G network for mobile users

By taking a closer look at the latter, we can see that it represents quite an exciting prospect for Londoners.  The 2100 MHz licence variation will allow EE to access unpaired frequencies of 1899.9 to 1909.9 MHz.  These two frequencies will give EE the scope to deliver Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology, or as most people commonly know it 4G.

London and 4G
Although London has the best 4G network in the UK, a Which? report from October last year highlighted that 4G could only be accessed 70% of the time on average in the capital.  Download speeds for London were comparatively bad due to the city’s population density and lag behind Northern Ireland’s 23.3Mbps, which the report found to be the best in the country.

The licence variation will mean that EE and mobile telecom operators that use the network such as Virgin, should get the best 4G service available.  Once established, the network should be more reliable and download speeds should be noticeably faster.

This is good news for Londoners generally, as this puts pressure on other mobile operators to find solutions to compete with EE, and hopefully it will reduce mobile ‘dead zones’ which are experienced too frequently by Londoners.

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