Deal Feed: FreedomPop UK up their 4G data to 16GB

We haven’t heard much from FreedomPop recently so we were very excited today when they got in touch to let us know about their latest deals.  As you can tell from our page on FreedomPop, we’re big fans of them.  Originally from the USA, they now operate in the UK and Spain too and give out genuinely free mobile data (operated on Three’s network in the UK).

One of the points we’re often asked about is what happens when you use up your free data, do you then get stung at crazy prices?  With FreedomPop’s current UK offer this is certainly not the case – for just £9.99/month you can get 16GB of data a month for 3 months.  Of course, as this is FreedomPop, you only need to do this when you use up your free allowance.

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