Xiaomi to release Mi 6 on Snapdragon and MediaTec SoC- is it a rumor?

It’s been in social media news, whether real or just a fake rumor, that Xiaomi is planning to launch its new smartphone named Mi 6, which is the successor of Mi 5 in three different SoC variants. This was revealed in a post on the Chinese microblogging site Weibo. Each and every year Xiaomi seems to build on the success of the previous model, and the concept of the Mi6 will surely do the same. With huge enhancements that will meet the needs of business and personal uses alike. It is said that its successor i.e. Mi 6 will have a few different versions, aiming to cater to a much wider audience. According to Weibo, the Xiaomi Mi 6, which shows pictures leaked up months ago, will come in three variations with three different prices and different characteristics:

The first model will be equipped with Helio X30 processor and is said to hold a price of $290. The second model will run Qualcomm’s leading Snapdragon 835, which was recently showcased at CES 2017. It will cost about $360 and is likely to come with 4GB RAM and 128GB of internal storage. The third variation will have a parallel processor and have a cost of $434. Nonetheless, the third model will go along with the OLED-based double edge curving screen, like that of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Salient features

  • Rumors and leaks are guaranteeing different specifications for the upcoming cell phone. The Xiaomi Mi 6 is most likely going to be 5.2 inches with a metallic back and screen with 4K resolution (4096 x 2160 pixels). The camera is on the top left side on the back of the device along with the dual LED-flash light. The cell phone is expected to sport a 23MP back camera, alongside a 7MP front shooter. For selfies, it is expected to come with a 4-megapixel selfie camera. Although there is no clarity on whether the dual-camera module will be available on both the Mi 6 and Mi 6 Pro version but it makes more sense to place it on the high-end version.
  • There are also rumors about security feature or with the latest on-demand security, i.e. an eye-scanning technology. If it becomes real then surely this upcoming model is going to hold a significant position in the mobile market share.
  • The smartphone is expected to be made available in Black, White, and Blue color options. Some leaked images of the Mi 6 show a device with a thin home button having a fingerprint scanner on the bottom.
  • Xiaomi Mi 6 is reputed to be controlled by Qualcomm’s most recent Snapdragon 835 SoC. Despite the fact that reports recommend that the Galaxy S8 will be the primary cell phone to accompany the new SoC; GSM Arena quoting an iSuppli investigator has said that Mi 6 will be the principal Chinese cell phone to get the 835 SoC.
  • A report indicating the three variations was referred to a month ago. Be that as it may, the three variations were said to convey the names Mi 6S, Mi 6E and Mi 6P. These different letters with the Mi 6 name represent the chipset. The letter “S” for Snapdragon, the letter “E” for MediaTek’s Helio SoC, and the letter “P” to speak to Xiaomi’s own, reputed Pinecone SoC.


Release Date
With the majority of its bits of gossip and rumors spreading, people are curious and super eager to observe the rumors whether they are truly what they are said to be or not. The release date is rumored to be Valentine’s Day (February 14) 2017 at an event in China.

The phone is not released in Europe or the USA, but it can be imported by 3rd parties. Keep an eye on GearBest’s stock list and GeekBuying’s stock list.   You can read about our experience importing a Xiaomi phone here.

This Chinese startup is well known for offering the significant device at a remarkable price. Well, the latest update has exposed at least one string that this device will be priced under $400 – $450 which makes it a reasonable device.

The future of smartphones is almost here as the fastest growing manufacturer of Android smartphones will become a worldwide release with the upcoming Mi6.

This is a result of the way that there are numerous parts of the Xiaomi Mi 6. So it is truly going to be awesome to see the China-based brand giving a tight rivalry to one of the main brands in the gadgets’ market.

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