Deal Feed: Get a whopping 16GB of 4G data for a tenner

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Here at, when we normally write about FreedomPop we’re usually discussing their free UK data allowance. You simply pay £0.99 to sign up, then get free 4G data each month running on Three‘s robust network.

However, this time we’re looking at things from a different angle. We’re writing to those data hungry users. Those that love streaming, chatting and downloading on the go.

FreedomPop also offer paid-for plans in the UK and they’re really competitively priced. Their best deal is 16GB of data each month for just £9.99.

What’s more, there are no contracts involved at all – you simply use what you need. You can use the free allowance for a while, step up to 16GB and step down again.

Read our page on FreedomPop here, or go directly to the deal here.

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