Vodafone allows you to roll over 4G data on a SIM only plan

In this short post we’re going to take a look at Vodafone’s Data Rollover feature of their Big Value bundles.

Vodafone are one of the major players in the UK mobile market, and were recently voted the best all round network for use in London.

Their Big Value bundles are prepaid SIM cards that run on a 30 day rolling plan.  The problem that they are tackling with Data Rollover is that of wasted data.  With a normal phone plan, if you don’t use all your data then this is thrown away and the allowance reset the next month.  With the Data Rollover, Vodafone are doing things slightly differently.

It’s important to point out that, even with the Data Rollover feature, you don’t get to keep your data for ever and there are strings attached.  Here’s how it works though – Vodafone are essentially giving you an extra 30 day window to use up your remaining data if you top up again.  This should be a problem as most people will be using the Big Value bundles every month – if you are looking for something to use as a one off this probably isn’t the deal for you.

Once you’ve topped up, and you have a new allowance your rolled over data from the prior month will be kept in your account.  Importantly this will be used first so that the oldest data is used up before moving on to the new allowance (which, of course, can be rolled over to the next month again).

This is a nice, innovative feature that is rare to see in SIM only plans, especially those on a 30 day plan.

You can read more about Vodafone on our page here, or go directly to the Vodafone Big Value bundles here.

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