Why I just switched back to EE from Three

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EE and Three are both major mobile networks in the UK and both offer very compelling packages.  I had been with EE for a few years and, quite rarely for me, was very impressed with their service.  The network was good, and the service was good.

The problem was that their roaming deals were not so good, and the pull of Three’s Feel At Home was very strong.  So I made the leap and I moved over to Three.  Big mistake – my experience of the network performance in and around London has been very poor and the roaming.. well, that’s just terrible.  Yes, you get free calls back home but there are three problems with the deal:

  1. The roaming data speed appears to be throttled so heavily that in some instances it is unusable for anything beyond WhatsApp
  2. You can’t tether your laptop or tablet to your phone when travelling
  3. You can call home for free, but you can’t call the country that you are in for free

So, it was time to go back to EE.  I have a phone that I’m very happy with so I took at look at EE’s Sim Only deals, on just a 12 month contract.  I’m pretty sure I’ve picked up a bargain – I pay £30.00 per month and get 30GB of data, unlimited calls & unlimited texts (and they throw BT Sport in too).  When I’m travelling in the EU I can use 15GB of that 30GB for free, no throttling and I can tether my laptop.  Calls back home from the EU country are free, but also calls in in the EU country are free too.  That means that contacting the people I’m visiting won’t incur huge bills.

I’m back on the EE network and couldn’t be happier.  I get 4G+ in and around London which is blazingly fast and I’m paying much less than I was paying Three.

If you want to find out more about EE you can see our page here, or go to the sim only deals directly here.

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