4G+ roaming with EE in France

I recently switched back to EE from Three, in part because of the poor roaming speeds that I experienced with Three.

To that extent, I’m keeping an eye on roaming performance with EE.  Here I’m reporting back on the performance whilst travelling in Paris.

With the package that I’m on from EE, roaming in the EU is free including data.  I had mobile signal all the way through the Channel Tunnel and when I popped out the other side I was connected quickly to the French networks (mainly Orange F).  Coverage on the Eurostar is a bit patchy, but that’s to be expected given the speed it travels.

Whilst in central Paris I received phone calls which were clear, used data on the French 4G+ networks and tethered my laptop to my phone on Orange.  It all worked brilliantly.  As you can see from the screen shot below, whilst tethered to the phone roaming on 4G I achieved pretty much 9Mbps downstream, which is more than usable.

Roaming on EE in Paris

Roaming on EE in Paris

If you’d like to know more about EE you can read our page here, or go direct to their deals here.

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