Dual boot tablets offer the best of both worlds for under $100

Dual boot Windows and Android on the Onda V80 Plus tabletDual boot Windows and Android on the Onda V80 Plus tablet

Dual boot tablets are great because they give you the best of both worlds.  On the one hand you have a full Android operating system – you get the Google Play store with the thousands of apps that are available.  This means that for entertainment purposes, all the boxes are ticked.

Not only that though, with a dual boot tablet you also get a full Windows 10 experience for when you need to get some serious work done.  This isn’t some cut down Windows RT without any applications, this is the normal Windows 10 that will run all your work and business services.

A dual boot tablet is also a great way to keep you work data, passwords and information separate from those of your personal life.   Keep the work stuff on Windows 10; when you want to switch over to your personal stuff pop into Android.

In order to run both operating systems, tablets need to run on Intel processors.  This is then compatible with Windows 10 – the flexibility comes from Android that can run on both ARM and x86 (that is, Intel) processors.

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OK, so you’re convinced about the dual boot tablet approach.  Now, how do you get one?  Well, most are available only in China, which can make getting hold of them a bit more challenging.  Luckily there are dedicated importers that offer a reliable and trusted service.  The one that we would recommend is Gearbest (and you can read about our experiences with them here).  They will ship and track all sorts of goods including tablets and phone all around the globe.

The tablet that we would pick is the Onda V80 Plus.  Why?  Well… it costs less than $100 and still packs a punch.  Making sure that everything runs smoothly is a 64bit Quad Core Intel processor paired with 2GB RAM.  Of course, these are not desktop specifications but remember that you’re looking at a tablet that costs under $100 and this really is impressive.

The device features an 8 inch display, which is roughly the size of an iPad mini.  This is great (and, in part, why the iPad mini was such a success) as it keeps the tablet very portable whilst maintaining a decent screen size for usability.

There’s 32GB of onboard storage, which is enough to get going but will probably fill up quickly.  Luckily the Onda V80 Plus supports memory cards up to 128GB so you’ll have plenty of storage space available.

In summary, if you want to have the best of both the entertainment and business worlds to maintain a good work life balance then you need a dual boot tablet.  The Onda V80 Plus is a great entry point to this end at a fantastic price.

Follow this link to see the Onda V80 Plus on Gearbest.

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