TPO is a cellular network for the ethically conscious

TPO is a cellular network for the ethically consciousTPO is a cellular network for the ethically conscious

The cell phone market is filled with choice for the consumer – you can find a deal on every street corner and website. They offer copious data, free minutes, lots of roaming, etc etc.

There is, however, a cell phone network out there that approaches the world differently. TPO (The People’s Operator) is labelled as an ethical cell phone network. What does this mean? Well, it is fairly straightforward. TPO will take 10% of your bill, whatever that may be, and donate it to a charity of your choice. Your charity needs to be registered with TPO; many of them already are, but if your chosen charity is not then you can contact TPO to have them added.

TPO was founded in London by Andrew Rosenfeld, Tom Gutteridge and Mark Epstein in 2012 and was joined by Jimmy Wales (the founder of Wikipedia) in 2014.

TPO operate in the USA and in the UK. It’s important that, for this to be a sustainable solution, it still works as a mobile network.. otherwise you’ll probably end up leaving – ethical or not. TPO are an MVNO which means that they don’t operate their own infrastructure, they run on another mobile operator’s. This is common place and many recognised brands do this. In the United States TPO run on both Sprint and T-Mobile whilst in the UK TPO run on Three. All of these are robust networks so you won’t have a problem with coverage.

If you register online, TPO will ship a free SIM card to you. You can then take advantage of their SIM only monthly or pay as you go offers. According to TPO these are the benefits you get from them:

  • Amazing choice of plans at super prices
  • No annual contracts or activation fees
  • Nationwide 4G LTE coverage
  • Free voicemail, caller ID, call waiting and 3 way calling
  • Prepaid and Monthly Unlimited options
  • Awesome prepaid and monthly tablet plans
  • White glove customer service
  • US based customer care support team
  • Give 10% of your bill to a cause you love at no additional cost to you

You can find out more and pick up your free SIM from TPO by following this link to their site.

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