Data roaming with EE in Ireland

EE data roaming performance in IrelandEE data roaming performance in Ireland

I recently switched over to EE due to their robust UK network and great EU roaming deals.  My previous experience with Three‘s international roaming was less than good, so my expectations for EE were low.

I’ve been keeping an eye on EU data performance in the EU, recently recording performance in France but this time in Ireland.

From landing in Ireland my phone roamed immediately onto the Irish networks, switching between Meteor and 3.  My phone switched between 4G and 3G coverage, both of which offered good data performance, even when tethering.

The speed reading below show good performance – this was measured on an iPad tethered to my EE phone.  The phone was actually only connected to a 3G network, not 4G, but as you can see the performance was still very good with over 10mb download speed.

EE data roaming performance in Ireland

EE data roaming performance in Ireland

More information about EE in general can be found on our page here, or you can view their deals (including roaming data) here.

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