What can you do with Samsung’s Gear VR headset?

Samsung Gear VRSamsung Gear VR

Every other day there is a new headline about virtual reality, one of the hottest topics in technology today.  Samsung are a major player in this space, with the Gear VR headset that is compatible with most of their high end phones.  But what actually is it and what can you do with it

Well, first up it is a headset the goes over your eyes, with projection screens inside that give you an immersive experience.  Movement of your head is tracked with sensors in the device which is mapped to the content of the screen.  This gives you the feeling of being in the scene itself (hence the virtual reality).

Samsung’s Gear VR (developed with Oculus) connects for power via the USB port on your cell phone.  The partnership with Oculus is important, whilst this is a Samsung device the content comes from Oculus (not Samsung or the Google Play store).  Oculus have a store which follows the same principles as other stores.

With the headset you can kick back and watch movies – Netflix for example has an application, actually visit places with Google street view / Gear VR mashups or, and this is the main use of the Gear VR headset, play games.  Gaming on the Gear VR is a dream.

Unlike other VR headsets (which, to be honest, are in a different league in terms of quality) the Samsung Gear VR won’t break the bank.  It is available on Amazon for $100 (currently discounted down to $79.99 – see here) which is a great deal for something to play around with.

You also can then get loading up content from the Oculus store.

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