Everything you need to know about the new Samsung Galaxy S8

Everything you need to know about the new Samsung Galaxy S8Everything you need to know about the new Samsung Galaxy S8

Today Samsung are unveiling their brand new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8. Last December we found out that the hotly S8 will feature a revolutionary foldable screen feature, but now we finally have more details.

Samsung have really pulled out all the stops on the Galaxy S8, which is set to include an ‘infinity display’.

This means that, from edge to edge, the screen will take up the entire front of the phone.

We’ve seen this before in the S6 and S7 Edge models, but this is the first time Samsung are rolling it out on one of their major phone releases.

Because of this, the S8 won’t have a traditional ‘home’ button on the front.

The phone’s user guide leaked ahead of today’s launch, which suggested the enhanced display will come in two sizes. Thanks to the ‘infinity display’, the size of the phone itself is not expected to change much from previous Galaxy models.

Music fans can breathe a sigh of relief, as the S8 will feature a headphone jack unlike the restrictive iPhone 7 from Apple. Getting down to the finer details, it will work on Android 7.0, the screen will be AMOLED, have Always On technology and will have pressure sensors.

Due to its use of the rapid Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, the Galaxy S8 will be one of the fastest currently on the market.

Another standout feature is the introduction of Bixby. Samsung AI assistant set to rival Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. Setting the bar high, they claim it will provide “a new way for users to interact with the world”.

The S8 will also include ‘Bixby Vision’ allowing us to scan objects or images. Another exciting implement are iris and audio scanners for verification purposes.

Managing Director and VP at tech firm ABI Research said the company’s reputation is riding on a successful launch. He said: ‘Today should prove to be a seminal day for Samsung.”

He added: ”Samsung will be hoping that its design efforts can help to re-establish its innovation prowess in the smartphone sector after all the negative criticism and public concern it had to endure over problems associated with the Samsung Note 7.”

The phone is set to go on pre order on the 10th April for around £600.

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