Where to get the Samsung Galaxy S8 in the UK with the best deal

Everything you need to know about the new Samsung Galaxy S8Everything you need to know about the new Samsung Galaxy S8

This week saw the launch of the long awaited Samsung Galaxy S8.  The phone has had a great reception online and Samsung is making it available as it always does: via mobile phone networks and retailers.  This is in contrast to Apple’s method of direct sales, with phone networks secondary.

As there are many different places there are different deals available, we’re covering off a few here:

BT Mobile – £100 Amazon voucher

BT Mobile operates on EE’s robust nationwide network.  Quite honestly this is a fantastic network (see our report here).  BT Mobile are making both the S8 and the larger S8+ available on pay monthly contracts.  The best deal we can see is that for £50 upfront, and £52 per month you get unlimited minutes and texts, 15GB of 4G data and a £100 Amazon voucher.  There are various price plans to suit your needs (with discounts for existing BT broadband customers), check them out here.

Amazon UK – Holding page for now

Amazon is actually a great place to buy a phone outright.  You can often find good deals that are not tied to a phone network – yes you pay for the whole phone upfront, but then you can move around networks as you wish and won’t be tied into contracts.  At the time of writing though, Amazon just has a holding page for the Galaxy S8 and S8+.  We expect this to change very soon though so keep an eye on the page here.

Carphone Warehouse – Choice of network

The Carphone Warehouse are not a mobile network themselves (although they do operate one), but instead sell mobile phone handsets with contracts on UK networks.  This gives you the great benefit of often finding a very good deal that you can’t get directly from the network.  The Galaxy S8 and S8+ are available from the Carphone Warehouse on EE, iD Mobile, O2 & Vodafone.  The best thing to do is visit the Carphone Warehouse’s S8 page and browse the packages they have across all the networks.

EE Mobile – ‘Early Stock’

EE are reporting that they will have ‘early stock’ of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ – supposedly arriving 8 days early.  As mentioned above, EE has a very robust network so there are worse things than ending up on their network.  If you can get the phone early too, this could be very appealing to some.  Looking at the pay monthly deals on EE, you can get the phone from as little at £9.99 too.  See more here.

giffgaff – Register Interest

At the time of writing giffgaff are just listing the phone as Coming Soon.  However, this at least shows their intention to stock it and you can also register your interest on their page.  If you definitely want to be on giffgaff you may need to wait a little longer, but you should be in luck soon.  Register your interest here.

iDMobile – Free Samsung Speaker

iDMobile (see more about them here) have a slightly unique offer.  The S8 and S8+ are available for pre-order (starting at £37.99 upfront) and will be delivered within 1 day when in stock (which is currently expected to be 20th April).  If you’re an audio lover though, this may be the route for you as iD Mobile are throwing in a free Samsung speaker worth £99.  See more about the deal here.


Like the Carphone Warehouse, mobiles.co.uk are a retailer that will sell you a handset with a choice of mobile network.  They are offering the free speaker deal and also will search plans across EE, Vodafone & O2.  See more here.

vodafone – Best all round London network

Vodafone was recently tested as the best all round network for London so urban dwellers may wish to look here.  Vodafone are offering 8 day early access to the phone via pre-order and will also give you plans which include roaming data.  See vodafone’s Galaxy S8 page here.

Three – Unlimited data

Three have the Galaxy S8 available for pre-order and this can be done with their ‘All you can eat’ data plans.  For those that will be using their new S8 for lots of streaming data then this is the route for you.  You also get free roaming (data included) in 42 different countries around the world.  Check out the S8 and S8+ at Three here.

We haven’t seen anything from TalkTalk Mobile or Tesco Mobile yet, but it’s worth keeping an eye on them too.

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