New data reveals 16 million homes in the UK have weak broadband connections

One in six British households experienced a problem with their Internet connection last year, according to consumer watchdog Which?. To put it in perspective, that’s 16 million homes with poor service.

Digging into the data, a third of us said that paying bills or using online banking had been completely halted by connectivity problems. Below par broadband can hit us where it hurts, with a fifth of those surveyed admitting it had taken an impact on their finances.

Overall, a quarter of people who had experienced problems said it had completely stopped them from carrying out a task, whether that’s watching a show on Netflix or downloading a vital document.

In a survey of more than 2,000 households, Which? found that 46% of people were left frustrated by broadband problems. According to the consumer association, this equates to 12.5 million homes based on the UK population.

Unfortunately for many in the UK, lightning quick broadband speeds are completely out of reach. A remote British village recently hit the headlines for having slower broadband than the Mount Everest Base camp. Residents in Aberech, North Wales, reported that they have to get up at 4am to send crucial emails.

Attempting to fix the problem, Which? Have launched their own speed-checking tool to help users discover the real connection they have. It also includes complaint letter templates to send to Internet providers who are offering speeds lower than advertised.

Managing Director of home services at Which?, Alex Neill, said: “With millions of us frustrated by bad broadband and stopped from doing the simplest of online tasks, we have launched a new, free tool to help people improve their connection.”

He added: “There is nothing more annoying than your internet cutting out when you’re streaming your favourite programme, or when you’ve spent ages filling your online shopping basket but your connection is too slow to get you to the checkout.”

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