Everything you need to know about the HTC 11 (aka HTC U)

There are lots of HTC rumours floating around at the moment. As you probably already know, HTC have already released their U Ultra model – but with a big price tag and questionable reviews, it’s far from a flagship device.

What we’re really interested in is the HTC 11, or HTC U as it appears to now be known.

Most sources predict a yearly cycle for new HTC devices, which puts the HTC 11 or HTC U in line for an April launch. In the past, only the HTC 10 has been released outside of the Spring.

Samsung have already released their big 2017 flagship phone, so the time is now right for HTC to make their move.

One big change is that the new HTC phone likely won’t feature any buttons and will move towards a totally touchscreen interface. While it won’t be as large as the more tablet-like HTC U Ultra, rumours suggest the device will be slightly bigger than the HTC 11.

Perhaps the HTC 11 won’t actually be called the HTC 11 after all. In an interview last year the President – Chialin Chang – hinted that the HTC 11 would go by a different name. This now appears to be true.

Getting into the specs, the successor to the HTC 10 will probably run off Qualcomm’s 10nm Snapdragon 835 with an additional Qualcomm Quick Charge 4.0.

This is likely to work alongside 4GB of RAM and a decent 64GB of storage. Though many sources are reporting it could have as much as 256GB of room. In addition, a larger 3,700mAh battery is rumoured to be on the cards.

A lot of users took issue with the HTC 10’s fairly inconsistent camera; so many believe the company will want to make some changes here. While the 12Mp camera in the front will probably stay the same, some are suggesting the front-facing lens will be upgraded to 8Mp (it was just 5Mp on the HTC 10).

A very interesting development is that the phone’s frame will apparently be pressure-sensitive. That means it would react differently to actions like soft or hard squeezes.

As for the price, PC Advisor predict the phone will go on sale in the UK for between £599 and £649.

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