New leak suggests Apple could launch as many as three iPhones in 2017

New leak suggests Apple could launch as many as three iPhones in 2017New leak suggests Apple could launch as many as three iPhones in 2017

It looks like Apple are gearing up to release three brand new iPhones this year, according to a new leak.

A lengthy report by Bloomberg suggests there will be an iPhone 7s, an iPhone 7s Plus and a ‘halo’ tenth anniversary model called the iPhone 8 or iPhone Edition.

Many customers are expecting Apple to pull something big out of the bag in 2017. The iPhone 7 may have sold out within a week of release last year, but the company came under fire for keeping it too similar to the previous model.

Thankfully the iPhone 8 is set to be the biggest iPhone series update to date.

For the 10th anniversary device, Apple insiders claim it won’t have a curved OELD display, but will instead be made up of curved glass on the front and back with stainless steels parts.

The Bloomberg report goes on to claim that the new version will have a screen size close to the iPhone 7 Plus – but the handset itself will be smaller like the iPhone 7.

Meanwhile the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus models are likely to have the same 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch dimensions as before.

Sources suggest all three phones will feature TrueTone display, which we first saw in the 9.7 iPad Pro in 2016. An exciting cosmetic update to the series, this will change the hue and colour display depending on the atmosphere.

The three models will also contain Apple’s brand new 10nm A11 chipset, which is believed to be more powerful and energy efficient than anything Apple have used before. 3BG RAM in each model is also expected.

This week images have been circulating online claiming to be the iPhone 8, notably from Chinese blog Ifanr. With rounded corners and a full-frame screen, it would be a departure from the standard iPhone design.

Other rumoured features include a fingerprint sensor, high-quality speakers and even 3D depth sensors on the camera.

We’re expecting the front-facing ‘selfie’ lens to get a significant upgrade, while new VR peripherals such as a headset or smart glasses are also a possibility.

In line with Apple convention, the leak suggests we can expect an autumn launch with the general release coming a few months later.

If you can’t wait until then, there are a number of accessories available to help keep your old iPhone feeling fresh.

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