Fancy a vacation dual-sim Android phone for only $50? Meet the Doogee X10 Smartphone

Dual Sim Travel PhoneDual Sim Travel Phone

It’s summer time and it’s the busiest travel time of the year. The lucky ones are off on vacation, others are travelling for business. But just because we’re on the move doesn’t mean that we should be disconnected – more than ever we want to be online during our vacation. However, with all that outdoor fun most of us don’t want to take out $1000 expensive smartphone with us for fear of damaging it. We also don’t want excessive roaming fees.

We’re going to write about another option here, a travel phone that:

  • Costs only $50 so if you break it this doesn’t matter so much
  • Has dual sim capability so you can use both your home sim and a local sim
  • Runs full Android with all your apps

The phone in question is the Doogee X10 3G Smartphone, and comes in Black, Champagne Gold and Silver. It’s worth mentioning that you should control your expectations – this is not your $1000 smartphone and so you won’t get all those features for $50. However, you will get a phone that keeps you online, contactable (if you wish!) with apps such as maps (it has GPS), camera (it has front and back cameras), news and social networking.

The first thing you’ll notice is that this phone is not 4G/LTE – whilst we wouldn’t recommend a 3G phone for home use normally, you’ll still get a good connection whilst on vacation that can carry out most tasks. Remember, a good 3G network can give throughput up to 42MB/Second so this will suffice.Aside from the price, a very appealing feature of the device is its dual sim capability. This means that you can avoid expensive roaming fees but still stay contactable on your home sim card. The phone accepts both at the same time! All you have to do is go to a local store and pick up a local sim card to add to your home one (if you are travelling to the UK check out our guide here).

The specifications of the phone are mid-range, and not worth discussing in detail. Suffice to say, the phone will do the job during your travels – just don’t expect wonders. Importantly though, it runs Android 6.0 which is full Android as you would expect (not the latest release, but many smartphones still aren’t running this anyway). This means you can download all the apps you need from the store on the device.

We recommend buying the phone from Gearbest for $49.99 at this direct link.

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