Tested: EE’s free roaming data in Spain

EE 4G data in SpainEE 4G data in Spain

Most of the UK mobile providers now allow some kind of free roaming across the European Union countries.  But not all are equal – for example, take Three.  Whilst they have the best coverage of roaming data options across the world in terms of countries covered – the speeds are terrible.  Using Three in other countries does not feel like home, it feel very very slow.

Here we are testing out the performance of EE in Spain.  We are currently in Madrid, and the test was performed stood on the Gran Via in Madrid (very near to Plaza del Calleo).

We wanted to see what kind of speeds can be achieved on EE in Spain. We used the SpeedTest app to test both the upstream and downstream speeds.

Our phone (Samsung Galaxy S8) easily logged on to a 4G network provided by Yoigo.  As you can tell, the performance is amazing… out performing what can even be achieved at home:

Downstream: 47.73Mbs

Upstream: 11.18Mbs

EE 4G data in Spain

EE 4G data in Spain

This even competes with home fibre broadband!  The connection was also robust, being used for maps, Uber, email and social.

All in all, very good performance from EE.  Check out their deals here.

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