100Mbps LTE tested on an iPad

100Mbps LTE100Mbps LTE

It’s hard to find a country that does not have a 4G LTE implementation of some sort. However there is a huge discrepancy in the performance of these networks, even though they are 4G.

In some instances, we even see that the download rate on the 4G network can be worse than that of the 3G network (for a comparison of network types see this page).

We were very impressed then, to see LTE download speed of pretty much 100Mbps. The screenshot below was taken on an iPad pro roaming on Spain’s Vodafone network. The SIM card was from Vodafone UK (find out more here).

100Mbps LTE

100Mbps LTE

Whateverer more impressive was that this was indoors (mobile network performance is generally better outside) and on a roaming network! We repeated the test multiple times and always got a download speed in the 90Mbps.

For those looking for a good travel data plan from a UK network, they should really check out Vodafone’s SIM only deals.

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