Thin Smart Watches for Android Phones (LG Watch Style & Pebble Time Round)

Thin Android Wear Smart WatchesThin Android Wear Smart Watches

I’m a fan of smart watches, but I have some trouble with them.  I find the ability to have notifications and basic smart functionality on my wrist very useful, but I often find smart watches just too big.  For example, I used to use an Apple Watch back in my iPhone days which was great, but just too large.  In particular I used to have trouble getting the cuff of a dress shirt to buckle over it.

I then switched to a Pebble Time Round (available on Amazon for $114).  The pebble was appealing as it worked with both an iPhone and Android phones, but is very slim.  For a couple of years now I’ve been wearing this everyday with no problems.  It’s different from the Apple Watch and Android Wear devices – it has much more limited functionality and features an e-ink display (much like that of a Kindle).  Whilst this doesn’t sound very smart, actually for every day use I really liked the Pebble and found it very functional.

Thin Android Wear Smart Watches

Thin Android Wear Smart Watches

I’ve just picked up an LG Watch Style (in Titanium).  I’m trying this, not because of push factors from the Pebble, but more to see if I’m missing something from the Android Wear camp.  I’m using this with my Samsung Galaxy S8.  The LG Watch Style is reported as being one of the thinnest (lowest profile) Android smart watches which is why I went for it.  It doesn’t have as many features as some of its bulkier competitors, but compared with the Pebble it’s got a lot going for it.  Most notably is the screen, this is crisp and sharp of the same type that smart phones are made from (rather than the Pebble’s e-ink display).  It has a beautiful user interface, with apps available to download from a variant of the Google Play Store; it can obviously do more – but that comes at a cost.. both financially and in terms of size.  As you can tell from the images below, whilst the LG is a particularly thin Android Wear watch, it is still noticeably bigger than the Pebble; it can however still fit under a dress shirt so this is very manageable.

Thin Android Wear Smart Watches

Thin Android Wear Smart Watches

There is a price difference too – the Pebble clocks in on Amazon at $114 whilst the LG is above to $200 mark.  Which should you get?  Well,  if you are after the thinnest device it has to be the Pebble Time Round;  if you can tolerate something a little bigger in the name of a good screen and Android Wear go with the LG Watch Style.

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