Broadband Upload Speeds Matter; Plusnet just recognised that

Look at an advert for your home broadband and you’ll see the advertised speed – now there are many discussions currently about whether that speed is actually achievable or not, but even this overlooks an important point.

Those speeds that are advertised are the download speeds, that is, the speed at which content from outside your home or office can come into it.  In the old world of the internet where people browsed websites and downloaded content, this made sense.  However, today we are producers of content too.  We share pictures and videos on WhatsApp, make Wifi Calls on our phones, or video chat with family and friends on Skype, Facetime, etc.  Isn’t it annoying when these services buffer, drop out or go all pixely?  This often isn’t because there’s a problem with getting the other person’s video into your home, but actually getting your video out of your home!  This is the upload speed of a broadband connection.

Plusnet, a nationwide UK broadband supplier have recognised this problem.  Take their 38Mbps Unlimited Fibre Broadband connection.  Until recently this had a download speed limit of 38Mbps, but an measly 1.9Mbps upload speed limit.  It’s this 1.9Mbps that’s the limiting factor.

This has all now changed, this limit has been hugely increased to 9.5Mbps.  Whilst this is still less than the download speed (we do, still, download more than we upload) it means that those video chats should now be perfectly smooth.

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