Seriously cheap laptop with 6GB RAM

It’s the time of year that everyone is after a good deal, especially on tech goods.

There are also plenty of cheap laptops kicking around on the internet, but their specifications tend to be terrible.

Gearbest is know as a solid supplier of tech goods (for example, see our post from a year back reviewing our purchase of a Xiaomi smartphone).

We are turning here to laptops today.  By moving away from recognised brands, you can pick up a great deal as you are not paying for the logo.

The Yepo 737A costs only $229.99 and for this you pick up a laptop with a 13.3 inch full HD display, an Intel quad core processor, a phenomenal 6GB of RAM and Windows 10 Home.

Of course this is not a high end laptop, but you are paying on $229.99!  This will be a great laptop for browsing, chatting, working on documents etc.  If you are after more storage you can upgrade the standard 64gb internals to 128GB.

Click here to see the laptop.

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