Dual boot Android and Windows 10 on your tablet for the best of both worlds

Dual boot Android and Windows 10 tabletDual boot Android and Windows 10 tablet

Android and Windows are both great operating systems, but they have different pros and cons.  Windows 10 is Microsoft’s latest operating system – it is a full desktop operating system and you know that it will run all the application you’ve been used to using on your desktop PC.  That means full Office applications, games and any third party software that you’ve downloaded from the web.  Android however, is great at optimizing battery life and has a fantastic user experience on a mobile device.

Whilst there are many tablets out there that offer either of these operating system, it can be hard to decide which one to get.  Sure, once you’ve been using the device for a while you’ll get to know what you like, but how do you know upfront?  Well, enter the Chuwi HI10.  This fantastic little device comes with both operating systems installed.  It has Windows 10 Home for when you really need to get work done, and it has Android installed for the times you’re on the move.  No longer do you need to decide.

The device does not cost the earth either, it’s only $179 on Amazon.  For this you get an Intel Quad Core processor which is more than capable for tablet computing, a 10.8 inch display, 4GB of memory which again is plenty for mobile computing and 64Gb internal storage.

On the AV side of things there are front and rear cameras which, whilst they won’t win awards in photography competitions, are perfectly fine for a quick Skype session.  An added bonus that you don’t find on many tablets is an HDMI output connector;  pair this with a bluetooth mouse and keyboard so that, when running Windows 10, you really can treat this as a standard desktop PC.

This may be just the tablet for you; if you aren’t sure which route to take this tablet has you covered.

Follow this link to see the Chuwi tablet on Amazon.

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