Cheap RX460 GPU for Crypto Mining – Yeston Graphics Card

So, you want to get into cryptocurrency mining – perhaps this is a financial endeavour – perhaps it’s just out of curiosity.  There are some cryptocurrencies such as Monero and Digital Note that can be mined using the CPU, but if you want to get a decent rate you need (even an entry level) GPU.  These give you superior hash rate and better returns.

We’re fans of AMD chipsets (we run RX 580s in a different setup, and RX 460s here).

Pricing of a GPU is critical – yes you can spend $1000 on a brilliant one, but that is often overkill for the entry level miner.  We’re looking here at a Yeston Radeon RX 460 GPU 4GB.  Whilst Yeston is not a recognised name, this still holds an RX 460 GPU (which is great for mining) and has 4GB of memory on board (which is needed really for Ethereum – 2GB doesn’t cut it with Claymore anymore).  It’s currently just over $100 USD; remember this is for a new card (not a second hand one that has been worn out over a few years).

We purchased this card from Gearbest – a Chinese import site – which we really like.  This isn’t a sketchy business, we’ve previously bought mobile phones and now this graphics card with great success.  They ship all over the world; see a direct link to the Yeston GPU here.


The card is well built featuring two fans (better than the MSI we also have in our rig which only has one), and has a 6 pin power connector.  In the box you get a handy power adapter incase you don’t have a spare 6-pin adapter from your PSU.  This connects to a good old fashioned ATX 4 pin power connector.

Windows recognised the device straight away, and xmr-stak picked it up as an OpenCL device using its default configs.

In terms of performance using xmr-stak for mining Monero the Yeston is giving a hash rate of 330 H/s (which is comparable to the MSI RX460 in the same machine which is giving 322 H/s).

All in, for an entry level GPU to get started with we highly recommend the Yeston.  For the tests above we’ve been using xmr-stak which is a command line Monero mining tool.  If you’re not one to delve into the command prompt then we suggest trying out Minergate (which has a GUI).

See the Yeston GPU on Gearbest here.

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