Fastest broadband in London

This page is for those internet heavy users that are looking for serious broadband connectivity.  This is not about the best package, or the best price point. We are looking at the pure numbers.   If you need advice on switching providers, check this out.

Technology Top Speed Providers Cost Link to buy
FTTP 1 Gb Hyperoptic, Gigaclear £31 / month with Hyperoptic Click here for Hyperoptic
Docsis 3 Cable 300 Mb Virgin Media £40 / month Click here
VDSL2 76 Mb BT, Plusnet, Talktalk, and more £49.99/month with BT Click here for BT (discount link)

Fibre to the Premises (FTTP / FTTH)

Hands down, the best broadband connection that you can get is one with a dedicated fibre optic cable into your property.  With this technology, you are able to achieve massive speeds usually offered up to 1Gbps.  The problem with FTTP is that it is expensive to roll out and so has limited availability.  Openreach (part of BT group) is rolling out FTTP, but generally it is down to niche suppliers.  In London you should check your area for:

  • Hyperoptic – These guys will give you a whopping 1Gbps unlimited fibre optic line to your London property with a phone line.  This currently comes in at £31 per month for 9 months, then £63.  Properties are coming online in London, most recently Mayfair (and usually in new developments) If you are in the coverage area (see the coverage map here), this wins hands down.
  • Gigaclear – If you live to the East of London (towards Essex) you may be in luck.  Check your coverage here.
  • BT – FTTP is coming, but slowly.  In London the first areas are reported to be Holborn, Westminster and the City.  Read more about the roll-out here.

Docsis 3 Cable Up to 300mb/s with Vivid 300
Virgin Media’s cable service offers the fastest broadband available with a major roll-out. Again, you need to be in a Virgin cabled area as this broadband is delivered down a dedicated coaxial cable rather than your standard phone line. That said, most of London is covered by Virgin Broadband. In late 2016 Virgin announced that they were upping the speed of their top package to 300mb/s. Not everywhere is covered by this, but even if you are not you should be able to pick up the 200mb/s (Vivid 200) package.  See Virgin Media’s Vivid package here.

This is what is usually advertised as fibre broadband – a fibre cable is run to the cabinet in your street then the last part is delivered down your copper phone line. The infrastructure is built by BT via their Openreach division, but is sold by almost all broadband providers. BT Infinity (discount link here) is the most well known, with the top line maxing out at 76mb/s. You can also pick up one of these ‘fibre’ lines from PlusNet, TalkTalk, Sky, John Lewis and others.