Internet on the London Underground

A critical aspect of London travel is the tube – London Underground.  Unlike other cities there is no mobile signal on the underground sections of the tube.

However, you can get online using WiFi in most stations (not the tunnels) using WiFi.  This is not free to use for everyone – it is installed by Virgin Media so you can use it with your home broadband package if you subscribe to Virgin Media broadband.  In addition to this, most mobile network have agreements with Virgin Media that allow their customers to use this WiFi for free.

You will need to carry out a one off registration with Virgin Media’s London Underground WiFi. The details and credentials to each provider vary and can be found at the following links:

The WiFi provided on the tube is a data only network, however if your provider gives WiFi calling (either natively on your phone or via an app) you can make voice telephone calldeand send SMS text messages whilst underground on the tube.  Again, each network varies so check out the direct links below for details specific to your network: