Hyperoptic Broadband

About Hyperoptic Broadband
Hyperoptic are very different to other broadband providers. This is because they provide real fibre optic broadband. Where as most broadband that is advertised as fibre is actually only fibre to the service provider’s cabinet with the rest carried on your phone line, Hyperoptic put a real dedicated fibre optic cable into your property. Find out more about fibre broadband technologies here.

The roll out is on going, so it’s worth checking with Hyperoptic if you are in an enabled area. Even if you are not, you can place a request for coverage.

If you are in a Hyperoptic area you are one of the privileged few and, quite honestly, it would be perverse not to subscribe. The speed is phenomenal (both upload and download) and the price is really quite competitive.

Hyperoptic broadband doesn’t require a telephone, but they can supply one if you wish.

Hyperoptic supply both home broadband and business broadband.

Switching to Hyperoptic Broadband

Switching to Hyperoptic Broadband must be done via the Cease and Re-Provide Process which is describe more fully here.

Where to buy
Hyperoptic sell direct from their websites:

Hyperoptic FTTP Residential Broadband
Hyperoptic FTTP Business Broadband

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