Plusnet Broadband

About Plusnet broadband

Plusnet is owned by BT, but operates as a completely independent brand. It mainly sells broadband and fixed line phone services and in 2016 entered the mobile market with its acquisition of virtual operator Life Mobile (see more about the move side of things with Plusnet Mobile).

Plusnet broadband is based predominantly on Fibre to the Cabinet (fttc) technology, and non-fibre ADSL, supplied by Openreach. Speeds therefore can reach up to 76mb. See this link for an explanation of the technology.

Plusnet competes well on price and so if you are looking for a good deal on fibre broadband without the extras then it is certainly worth looking at Plusnet’s offers.

Business Broadband. Plusnet offer their technology in packages suitable for businesses. These packages have the bonus of giving you a free web address with free web space.

Switching to Plusnet Broadband

As Plusnet resell Openreach broadband lines, switching is simple.  It can be done via the Gaining Provider Led Process which is describe more fully here.

Where to buy
Each of Plusnet’s products can be purchased directly from Plusnet by following these direct links:

Plusnet Phone & Broadband
Plusnet Mobile
Plusnet Business Phone & Broadband

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