Sky Broadband

About Sky Broadband, TV & Mobile

Sky (owned by BSkyB) are a major provider of broadband, phone and satellite TV in the UK.

Historically a satellite TV operator (hence the name) Sky now sell broadband and phone services on the back of this to a significant proportion of the UK market.  There is, however, no requirement to buy TV services from Sky – you can simply buy broadband if you wish.

Sky broadband is based predominantly on Fibre to the Cabinet (fttc) technology, and non-fibre ADSL, supplied by Openreach. Speeds therefore can reach up to 76mb. See this link for an explanation of the technology.

Sky have also experimented with rolling out some Fibre to the Premises (fttp) technology, resulting in some very high speeds.

There has been a lot of commotion in the UK market with regards to advertising of broadband speeds. As a result of this Sky made the decision to advertise the national average real speed achieved alongside all of their broadband packages.

In 2016 Sky announced that they would be providing a mobile network as well as fixed line and TV services.

Given their nature as a TV provider many customers like Sky broadband because of the comprehensive packages that can be delivered with satellite TV. See more about those here.

Switching to Sky Broadband

As Sky resell Openreach broadband lines, switching is simple.  It can be done via the Gaining Provider Led Process which is describe more fully here.

Where to buy Sky Broadband
Sky’s products can be purchased directly from their website.

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