Virgin Media Broadband

About Virgin Media

Virgin Media form 1 of the big 3 broadband vendors in the UK (the other 2 being BT and Sky). Virgin Media sell the fastest generally available broadband on the retail market today. Along with this they sell phone and very comprehensive TV packages, and under the Virgin Mobile brand they operate their own mobile network too. This makes them a quad play vendor.

Virgin’s broadband is so fast because it doesn’t come over the phone line as other supplier’s broadband does (Virgin will sell you a phone line too as part of a package if you like). They use cable broadband with DOCSIS 3 technology, and are also rolling out fibre to the premises. See our explanation of the different broadband types here: broadband terminology explained. As with the broadband, TV is delivered down the dedicated cable too so there is no need for a satellite dish.

For readers in London and other urban locations it is highly likely that you’ll be covered by Virgin in your areas; those in rural areas may struggle and might want to look to vendors such as BT.

Virgin Media’s pricing is very competitive when you consider the speed of broadband that you’ll receive. On top of this in 2016 it was rumoured that Virgin Media would be launching a budget broadband service. You should also look at their bundles for big savings on phone, broadband and TV all together.

Virgin Mobile operates on the EE network, more info here.  Existing Virgin Media broadband customers get discounted Virgin Mobile plans.

Switching to Virgin Media Broadband

Switching to Virgin Media Broadband must be done via the Cease and Re-Provide Process which is describe more fully here.

Where to buy
Each of Virgin Media’s products can be purchased directly from their website. For Virgin Mobile see the details on this page.

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