About Three

Three is the youngest of the UK mobile networks and often considered the challenger network. It is often where you’ll find the best data deals (they have an unlimited data plan called ‘All You Can Eat‘ for example).

Don’t be fooled into thinking that, because Three is younger that the other networks that it is not sufficient. They skipped the 2G networks (although in some rural areas they sublicense 2G network space to ensure voice calls can be made), so all of their infrastructure runs on clear 3G and 4G technology.

In 2016 their parent company tried to buy O2 in the UK, but this was blocked by the European Union.

Three operate most of their 4G on the 1800MHz spectrum, with some 800MHz too. You can see more about the 4G frequencies available in the UK here.

Mobile phone users often like Three due to their very appealing roaming plans. Via their Feel At Home scheme you can use your minutes, texts and data in 42 countries (including the USA) for free. In reality data speeds are slower than at home, but still perfectly sufficient for holiday browsing and communications.

Three sell mobile phone plans, and mobile broadband plans (for tablets and dongles). Whilst they run on the same network, they can’t be interchanged (that is, a Three mobile phone plan can’t be used in a iPad).

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Where to buy

Three sell directly from their website, which can be found here.  The Carphone Warehouse are approved resellers of Three plans, so you can often take advantage of their handset offers to find a good deal.

Sometimes, but less reliably so, you can also find prepaid Three SIM cards on Amazon such as this.

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