About FreedomPop UK

Note: FreedomPop also operate in the USA using a combination of Sprint and AT&T’s networks, see here.

FreedomPop are a virtual operator and are really shaking up the budget end of the UK mobile telephony market. They started in the USA and now also operate in the UK and Spain.

Unlike other operators they genuinely give you free minutes, data and texts every month; you simply pay 99 pence for your SIM card and can even do this will PayPal.

FreedomPop will send you a three in one SIM so it’ll fit all compatible GSM devices and operate on Three‘s 4G network.

FreedomPop provide you with an app that manages all your phones calls and texts rather than using the standard dialler on the device – this is because they operate a data only network.

People like buying FreedomPop because users with low requirements can address them for free (and their paid for package are very competitive too) but also to get their spare tablet online or as a holiday SIM card.

Infrastructure Provider
FreedomPop UK run on Three‘s network.

Where to buy

To get connected to FreedomPop’s network you need to sign up with them directly on their website here. ┬áIf you are reading from the USA go here.

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